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Join us for EduOsaka Live 2022 Online - July 14!

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JULY 14, 2022

11:00 - 16:00 *Japan Time

Find out about
opportunities to study


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・ More than 15 schools with top-class education in Japan participated in the program.

・Participating educational institutions are universities, vocational schools, and Japanese language schools. You can find out information about schools that fit your career path.

・ Each school offers different programs and scholarships. If you are thinking of studying in Japan as your future career, you will discover something new by talking to the person in charge of the school.

・ This event is a great opportunity to think about studying abroad in Japan and career opportunities it opens, and get all the related information, which usually is so hard to find.

・This event will be held in a virtual space (SpatialChat). Instead of passively listening from beginning to end as in a traditional online event, you will be actively and efficiently gathering information from the schools you want to hear from.

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Each school has a different virtual space, which you can move around freely. You can exchange information with other participants who are interested in studying in Japan.

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Lots of schools and companies will be exhibiting at the 2022 edition of EduOsaka online on July 14. The list of participating schools will go public in June. Register now, if you are interested in studying in Japan.


Osaka University


Osaka University comprises 11 schools, 15 graduate schools, 25 research institutes, 4 libraries, and 2 university hospitals. Under the motto, “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” around 25,000 students, 2,600 of them international students from 104 countries and regions, are studying here.

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Osaka International School of Culture and Language

Professional Training College

Osaka International School of Culture and Language is one of the oldest Japanese language schools, with a long and rich history. Our school boasts very high passing rates for the JLPT, and 100% passing rate for university and technical colleges. 


Osaka Jogakuin University


Located in the center of Osaka, Japan, Osaka Jogakuin (OJ) has a long, unique history of working hard to promote women’s education. Osaka Jogakuin has developed its education around three pillars: Christian, Human Rights, and English education. 


Professional Training College

We have internships every year with more than 100 companies. You can take classes by executives and professionals. You can confirm your score weekly by weekly test. We have a JLPT pretest. We have an EJU pretest.


Hotsuma International School

Japanese Language School

Japanese language school with an established reputation for Japanese language education and career support. We have locations in Tokyo, Gifu, Nagoya, and other parts of Japan.

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Osaka Metropolitan University


Osaka Metropolitan University is a new public university established by a merger of Osaka City University and Osaka Prefecture University in April 2022. With 12 undergraduate and 15 graduate schools, Osaka Metropolitan University offers a wide range of unique curricula designed to foster students’ abilities to handle various issues while providing opportunities to gain multidisciplinary knowledge.


Syusei Technical College

Professional Training College

Syusei Technical College is one of the major institute in Osaka especially construction field. Syusei has had more than 110 years of history and graduates more than 38000 students since it was established. A lot of graduates succeed as engineers.


Osaka University of Tourism


It is the first tourism college in Japan that offers realistic studies directly related to the tourism industry, such as travel, hotels, aviation, foreign languages, and hospitality, and also aims to develop advanced English language skills and knowledge of Japan to become international people who can play an active role in the world.


Osaka Bio-Medical College

Professional Training College

Osaka Bio-Medical College is a vocational school that strives to satisfy wide range of needs in biology and medical welfare industry, and focus o human development with “professional knowledge”, “practical skills”, and “sophisticated minds”. We also have staffs who can speak Chinese, English and Vietnamese to support international students. Osaka Bio-Medical College always welcome students from all over the world. 

... and more!!

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Free online event about studying abroad in Japan.

What image comes to mind when you hear the words "study abroad in Japan"? You might know about Japanese anime, manga, and sushi, but few people can imagine what it is like to actually live and study in Japan.

Japan is one of the most popular countries for international students, with nearly 120,000 students coming to study there every year. The scholarship system for international students is also well-developed, and according to a survey by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), 92% of students studying in Japan say they are "glad they came." Now, as the world is approaching to the point when coronavirus danger is receding, it is a great time to consider the positive impact that degrees obtained from Japanese advanced technology, economic and educational institutions could have on your career.

This event will feature more than 15 universities, colleges and language schools located in Osaka, which is Japan's second-largest city and offers top-class education in Japan. The schools will hold a joint virtual information session online. This is a great opportunity to get your career started. Don't miss out!

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Join us in EduOsaka

Click here to register for EduOsaka. This is a free online event.

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